Our Services

System Design

Are you looking for a professionally designed security system?

Our design process takes into account your security requirements and work with you to identify all your security needs.

After the initial consultation, we will provide you a comprehensive security solution for your review and consideration. As part of the design we take into account all your security needs whether it is a simple alarm system through to large and complex CCTV Systems with monitoring and high end IP (internet protocol) cameras

Our partners in technology allow us (SSSI) to provide you with a system design that provides the latest with the added functionality of simple system operations

Our system design process includes all installation and ongoing maintenance requirements.


Using only qualified and professionally certified installers ensures that all our installation projects are completed with the SSSI workmanship quality guarantee.

SSSI are certified partners of the industry leading security hardware and software providers, meaning you will only receive the highest quality products and the expertise of industry recognised certified installers.

At the completion of all installations we provide ongoing service and maintenance to all clients which will ensure you have the right team to contact in the case of any system issues.

Security Audit

Is your premises completely secured, are you getting the best value for money out of your current security system. Do you have black spots that you might not be aware of?

SSSI provide a Security Audit programme that can help you identify any issues with your current security system and provide recommendations on any improvements or issues that might improve your security solution.

Our consultants and expert security audit team will provide a comprehensive report outlining all our findings and recommendations.

System Integration

With the improvement to security systems through upgrades we are able to leverage this technology and provide you with a fully integrated security solution. If you find that you have multiple different products on your premise or even have an existing solution that needs to be expanded, current technology and skill set allows us to integrate the systems to work together.

The design and installation of a complete security solution is critical in integrating the technology with the hardware to ensure you get the best security system results. The ability for your alarm system to flag or alert you to the time stamp of the CCTV footage ensures correct integration of technology.

Network Design

The right network infrastructure for your security system is critical and identifying this early reduces any bottle neck issues later for exampled having the right bandwidth to enable streaming of CCTV footage.

Ensuring you have the right hardware and backup solutions to protect against hardware or power failure.

Network Audit

SSSI offer a network audit service, that will review your current network infrastructure to ensure it is suitable to meet your current system needs

The network audit is both a physical hardware inspection as well as using advanced networking technologies to review your networks security layer as well as any potential risks from external sources.

Service & Maintenance

Our service and maintenance offering also provides you with ongoing software and firmware upgrades to your security system ensuring you are receiving all updates and security patches for your installed systems